How freelancers can help you grow your Etsy shop

How Freelancers Can Help You Grow Your Etsy Shop

Starting an Etsy shop is an exciting adventure. As a beginner, there’s plenty of ground to cover. Unfortunately, even though you can get plenty of experience and get some things right, you will need some assistance from the professionals at one point.

Working with vetted freelancers will help you stay on the growth path. They can help you with:

  • Outstanding graphics elements
  • Product descriptions
  • Product photography and video
  • Unique packaging
  • Marketing strategy
  • Etsy shop consultation

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Get Jaw-dropping Graphics

While you can find plenty of resources stating the importance of branding and how to do it, a good idea is to work with someone who knows how to get it done. 

Experienced graphic designers know all the peculiarities and technical challenges of images for different platforms.

Working with a graphic design professional will allow you to get astonishing photos for:

  • Etsy shop banner
  • You blog graphics
  • Social media graphic assets

Getting these will allow you to get a logo that will keep your brand memorable.

On top of that, you can use the designer to create unique printable designs. That way, you can continuously keep your printable graphic collection fresh with new designs. 

As imagery plays a crucial role in ecommerce, finding help is a must.

Receive Top Of The Line Product Descriptions

Learning how to write product descriptions for your Etsy store is a great place to start. However, for optimal results, it’s still better to hire a professional copywriter. They can create a description with a lasting impression.

On top of that, professionals understand the whole SEO game much better. They know which essential keywords need to be in your product descriptions and listing titles.

An optimized product description will help you achieve better sales figures.

The best part is that a good copywriter can help you optimize other Etsy store elements such as listing title, shop’s terms and conditions, as well as shop’s bio.

Outstanding Product Photography

Hiring a product photography freelancer is the perfect way to get high-quality images for your product listings. That’s the part where investing heavily pays off. After all, images are the first thing your potential buyers will see.

An experienced product photographer knows all the ins and outs of product photography. That allows them to quickly get those high-quality shots finished.

After hiring a freelancer, communicate what kind of shots you’re looking for, and ship the item to them. You can focus on other Etsy-related responsibilities while someone else is working on your product images.

Also, if you want to leave the perfect impression on your shop’s visitors, you can hire a videographer for product videos. It’s another excellent way of showcasing your products to the buyers.

Of course, if you’re on a budget, you can always try to learn Etsy product photography on your own. Here’s our guide on how you can do it. We do, however, recommend hiring a professional.

Distinctive Packaging

Finding ways to remain memorable in the sea of Etsy shops is a real challenge. A graphic designer can help in the process. They can design a unique package that’ll navigate the buyer to do something.

For example, you can request a thank you card design to feature your social media handles with a polite reminder for the buyer to leave a review. It’s one of the ways of getting more Etsy store reviews.

But more importantly, you can create brand consistency with your packaging by using your brand colors.

It’s a great way to delight your customers when a package from your shop arrives at their doorstep.

Create a Unique Marketing Approach with the Right Experts

One of the best ways of ensuring your shop’s growth is to go with the right marketing approach. That’s where working with a marketing professional can significantly pay off. A good freelancer can help you with:

  • Etsy SEO - Unless you are an advanced shop owner who knows his SEO, you likely need help with SEO optimization for your Etsy shop. That’s where an SEO expert can help you rank your listings better.
  • Etsy Ads campaign - Do you want to make your Etsy ads more effective? Working with a freelancer will ensure that your listings are ranking in the correct categories and the right keywords.
  • Social media management - Establishing a presence on a broad range of social media networks can be tiresome. Getting help from someone will provide you with more time. It’ll get you better results as experts know which strategy works best on different platforms.
  • Content strategy - Are you planning to start an Etsy blog? Working with an experienced content marketer will help you create effective methods to increase your brand’s organic traffic.
  • Influencer collaboration - Finding and reaching out to all the influencers can take a lot of your time. Why not outsource it to someone who can do it faster and better? You can focus on other important things and let someone else get you in touch with influencers.

Remember that setting aside a budget for promotion is necessary for Etsy shop growth. The competition is fierce, and you have to always take steps to stay ahead.

Get a Shop Examination

Do you think that you’ve done everything you could and yet your shop’s still underperforming? Head over to the Alura Market and get a shop critique. 

An expert will go over your shop and examine your listings. They’ll highlight all the elements that require improvement.

That’s one of the best ways to grow your Etsy shop further. With the right Etsy consultant, you can go through the plateau you’re experiencing.

Concluding Thoughts

Learning Etsy basics on your own is a great way to start running an Etsy shop. However, over time, you’ll likely experience more advanced challenges. Those are the cases when you’re going to need a professional’s help.

Working with more experienced Etsy experts is a great way to move forward fast.

Besides freelancers, make sure that you’re deploying all the useful Etsy apps such as Alura.

If you want to learn more about our tool, please reach out to us.

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