Design branded emails easily

Create beautiful branded emails in minutes with a drag-and-drop editor and fully customizable templates that let your shop shine.

Connected to your shop

Tailor made for Etsy. Send emails based on your customers' actions and personalize every message with content that are relevant to them.

Build better customer relations

Maximize your shop revenue, increase repeat sales and improve customer relationships with email campaigns.

Email Sender

Turn repetitive tasks into automated growth

Create and customize marketing automations build for Etsy that are always on, so you can engage customers at every stage of their journey and set your business growth in motion.

Create personalized emails

Stand out with beautiful emails tailor-made for each customer. Email Sender will help your business grow by getting the most out of your email marketing, the easy way.
Your logo, products, and store colors are automatically applied to email templates, so getting started is easy.
Use smart tags to personalize emails and make each customer feel unique while browsing through their inbox.
Make each template your own with custom layouts, texts, buttons, images, personalized text, products and more.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Drive repeat sales with bevaior-based automation

Reach out at the right moment. Start and run automations to connect with customers at critical moments in their journey—from subscribing to your newsletter to placing their first order.
Send dynamic content based on your customers’ activity
Receive up to 4x more orders with event-driven emails
Get started in minutes. Turn on your automations then let them run. No need to manually make email campaigns over and over again.

Track, test, and grow

Understand how your emails and automations are performing with actionable reports like email engagement, sales, and more.
Before sending, preview your email to see exactly how it will look in your customers’ inboxes.
Understand your campaign performance. Get actionable reports from your dashboard to view open rates, sales, and more.
With each campaign, analyze the results and try new designs, offers, or messaging to refine your approach over time.
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Email Sender

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about researching Etsy shops
What is Email Sender?
Email Sender is the perfect way to grow your Etsy shop. Email Sender lets you create beautiful, customized emails that will reach your customers at exactly the right time. With easy-to-use templates and reporting tools, Email Sender makes it easy to get started with email marketing - no experience necessary. And because each email is tailor-made for each customer, you’re sure to stand out from the competition. So don’t wait any longer - grow your business with Email Sender today!
What’s the benefit of using Email Sender?
If you’re looking to take your Etsy shop to the next level, email marketing is a great way to do it. With Email Sender, you can easily create automated email campaigns that will boost your shop’s revenue, increase repeat sales, and build better customer relationships. Best of all, it’s easy to use and only takes a few minutes to set up. So what are you waiting for? Grow your Etsy shop with email marketing today!
How does Email Sender work?
Are you looking for a way to engage your customers at every stage of their journey? Introducing Email Sender, the marketing automation tool tailor-made for Etsy sellers. With Email Sender, you can create custom marketing automations that are always on, so you can stay top of mind with your customers and set your business growth in motion.

We connect to your Etsy shop, so everything is personalized for you. And because we’re always on, you can focus on running your business and let Email Sender take care of the rest. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and take your business to the next level! Email Sender is the perfect solution for busy Etsy sellers who want to take their business to the next level without sacrificing their valuable time.

Try it free today!
How much does using Email Sender cost?
All Alura users have included free emails to send. Email Sender cost is calculated using people reached. People Reached means you only pay for the value you get from Alura. The ‘people reached’ are the individual people who in the last 30 days received at least one email from one of your shops. You can send unlimited emails to people you reached per month.

For more information, refer to our pricing page.
How do I customize my email? Can I add sections?
Yes, any template in Email Sender allows you to add, move, and edit sections of content. Refer to our guide to learn more about how to customize your email.
What happens when subscribers unsubscribe from my mailing list?
If a subscriber clicks the Unsubscribe link from the email that they receive, then they’ll be redirected to your store and shown a message informing them that they were successful. If a subscriber marks an email from you as spam, then they’ll also be removed from your subscriber list. Any email address that bounces back will also be suppressed from all further email sends.
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Looking to take your Etsy business to the next level?

Email Sender is specifically designed for Etsy businesses, so you can be sure that everything is tailor-made for you. It’s free to get started, so why wait?
Alura features

All-in-one platform for Etsy success

The simple all-in-one platform that unifies every aspect of the Etsy seller journey, from research to marketing.

Keyword finder

See what shoppers are searching for on Etsy and find the best keywords for your listing.

Alura extension

Etsy keyword and product research made simple. Find winning products to sell and optimize your listings with the right keywords.

Shop analyzer

Analyse any Etsy shop to get insights into key stats, best selling products, pricing strategy, shop policies and more.

Product seeker

Discover opportunities by searching for high-demand and low-competition product listings.

Listing helper

Make your listing rank higher with listing recommendations based on Etsy’s seller handbook.

Followup reminder

Get more reviews on Etsy and build better customer relationships with followup messages.

Email sender

Grow your Etsy shop with email marketing. Send regular or automated emails to drive sales.