Best Selling Jewelry on Etsy - Market analysis

Best Selling Jewelry on Etsy

Jewelry is one of the most popular sections on the Etsy platform. That’s why we take a deep dive to see what are some of the most popular listings.

We’ve used the Alura Extension to get the data from over four million listings and let’s take a look at how.

Here’s How We Did Etsy Market Analysis

The whole process is straightforward. All you have to do is sign up on the Etsy platform, get the Alura Extension, and head over to Etsy.

Once you enter the desired search terms, you can use the extension to get a market analysis for the entered keyword.

Why is this important? Well, before you decide to start working on your product, it’s a good idea to check whether there’s any demand for it. If you see plenty of products available, it means that there is.

With a single click, you get access to a sea of products, sales figures, and ranking positions—all the essentials to determine how the competition is doing it. Furthermore, you can use the data to see how you can be more competitive.

The feature we believe you’ll enjoy the most is the future sales estimate. Our in-house developed algorithm takes multiple parameters to assume how well the product will sell in the future.

Please note that estimates are not 100% correct. They are more of a pointer as to which products are in high demand. You can find more details here.

Let’s explore what the top-selling items in the jewelry section on Etsy are.

The Best Selling Jewelry Items

Here are the top 10 selling jewelry items on Etsy.

1. Family Necklace

Total number of sales - 34,055; Estimated Revenue - $1,072,733

With the highest total sales, this family necklace is the perfect example of a great shop. If you head over to the shop CaitlynMinimalist, you’ll see that all of the customers are extremely satisfied with the quality of the product, packaging, and service.

Also, the store has over 1,000,000 sales on Etsy, which is impressive.

The listing targets a female Etsy audience, mothers especially. According to big sales figures, personalized jewelry is in high demand.

2. 14k Solid Gold Name Necklace

Total number of sales - 20,443; Estimated Revenue - $398,639

YourNamesJewelry store has taken the second spot. Again, we’re talking about personalized hand-crafted jewelry of all kinds. The listing is an affordable and customizable 14k gold necklace with a name of your liking.

The shop is based in Turkey, and international shipping is available worldwide.

The same as with the store in the top spot, almost every customer review is positive. That speaks a lot about the product quality.

3. Crystal Birthstone Necklace for Mom

Total number of sales - 13,249; Estimated Revenue - $434,037

Delezhen, coming from Massachusetts, US, is a store specializing in selling personalized Mother’s Day gifts. The listing that ranks in third place is a crystal birthstone necklace.

The product is personalizable, and it is pretty affordable.

The necklace is immediately ready as a gift with its unique packaging. That’s an excellent selling proposition.

4. Tiny Stud Earrings

Total number of sales - 11,623; Estimated Revenue - $136,338

The first three spots are handmade necklaces. However, the listing in place number four is earrings. MoonliStuds is a shop that specializes in handmade earrings. With over 38 thousand sales, it’s a shop with high revenue.

What makes these earrings unique is their highly affordable price.

Much like with all the above mentioned products, the shop is consistently receiving five-star reviews.

5. Gold Stack Ring

Total number of sales - 10,557; Estimated Revenue - $105,148

Alaridesign is a store located in California. With over 100 thousand sales, it’s clear that the shop offers high-quality products. The shop’s focus is on fine handcrafted jewelry and accessories, and this listing is for a gold stack ring. It is another very affordable piece of jewelry that thousands of people are buying.

6. Rose Gold Flower CZ Solitaire Ring

Total number of sales - 10,519; Estimated Revenue - $873,077

TedandMag is a shop with a different strategy. While all of the abovementioned shops feature affordable jewelry, this shop offers more premium wedding rings. The store is selling unique handmade rings, which makes them the perfect engagement rings.

With “only” 12 thousand sales and high prices, these products generate plenty of revenue, which is why this product is ranking so high.

It’s important to say that all of the reviews are incredibly positive.

7. Set of Two Ear Cuffs

Total number of sales - 9,901; Estimated Revenue - $494,951

Benittamoko is a shop based in Israel that clearly shows how much revenue simple and affordable products like earrings and piercings can generate. With over 56 thousand sales, the shop is performing great.

With numerous positive reviews, it’s clear that people are happy with the product’s quality.

8. 14k Gold Necklaces for Women

Total number of sales - 9,857; Estimated Revenue - $87,727

MondayMonarch is another Israel-based shop that specializes in personalized handmade jewelry. Its products have competitive prices. The quality of the products is evident in the photos, which thousands of positive reviews confirm.

Much like the other competitors, the store has over 37 thousand sales.

9. Rose Gold Dainty Beaded Necklace

Total number of sales - 9,491; Estimated Revenue - $237,275

Kurafuchi is an Etsy store based in Paris. It specializes in boho and minimalist layering jewelry. This listing is a colorful beaded necklace that is not customizable like the ones mentioned above.

However, there’s still a high demand for these products, as the store has over 57 thousand sales.

10. Moon Phases Lunar Phase Ear Sweeps

Total number of sales - 9,262; Estimated Revenue - $121,610

Coming from the Philippines, arajera is a unique shop that sells sterling silver jewelry. The store offers a wide range of jewelry such as earrings, rings, and necklaces. With thousands in sales and happy customers, it’s no wonder the store has over 33 thousand sales.

The best part is that the majority of products are very affordable.

Finishing Thoughts

If you want to perform market analysis and utilize plenty of other useful Etsy features, you can take a look at what Alura has to offer.

If you’re eager to take a look at more listings, we’ve prepared a list of 50 top-selling Etsy listings in the Jewelry section.

Please reach out to us if you want to learn more about the Alura platform.

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