Alura extension

Etsy product research extension

The Alura chrome extension is the perfect way to validate product ideas as you browse Etsy. Get the data you need to make informed decisions.
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Alura Extension

The ultimate Etsy product research tool

The Alura Chrome Extension gives you access to over 60 million Etsy listings to help you identify your next successful product.

Get key listing insights

Simply open the extension when browsing Etsy to and you'll be able to make informed decisions about which products to pursue.
Estimated number of sales
Listing tags, number of favorites, and more
Data export
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Validate your product ideas

Get the data points you need to discover potential best-selling products in untapped niches with less competition. Use this advantage to learn from the best selling items and make more informed decisions when improving or creating new listings.
Discover best selling products
Learn from best sellers
Analyze degree of competition

Launch your product with confidence

Uncovering a winning product is just the beginning - our tools will help you take it to market faster and more effectively.
Accelerate your time to market
Take your business to new heights with our powerful marketing tools
Grow your business faster than ever before with our help!
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Alura Extension

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about finding winning Etsy products!
What is the Alura extension?
The Alura extension is the perfect way to validate product ideas as you browse Amazon. With just one click, you can get all the information you need to make sure your product idea is viable. You can also use the Alura extension to research products on Etsy. With all of the information at your fingertips, you'll be able to make informed decisions about which products to pursue. The Alura extension is an essential tool for any online seller.
How does the Alura extension work?
Using the Alura extension is simple! Once you have the extension installed, go to Etsy and search for a product niche you are interested in.

Open the extension and watch the magic happen, the extension will open and populate with key listing insights on the products on your page. Find the best-selling items in your niche and learn what types of listings sell well. Inspect them further to see which tags are relevant for your products and which photos best-selling products use.
How are sales calculated?
The Alura extension is arguably the best Etsy product research tool in terms of accuracy and the number of products analyzed. With direct access to 60 million Etsy products, the information you get from the Alura extension is reliable, effective, and proven to offer sellers a major advantage when it comes to discovering winning products.

The sales numbers provided are estimates, and based on listing information from Etsy's API such as the number of views, favorites, category, when the listing was created, and more. The estimate is not 100% accurate, but it gives a good indication of which products are most popular and a reasonable estimate. The app is intended for getting insight into what is selling and what isn't. It does not give exact numbers.
How do I install and use the extension?
To get started with the Alura extension, download the extension from the chrome store and navigate to Etsy.com. To open up your extensions page, click the menu icon (three dots) at the top right of Chrome, point to “More Tools,” then click on “Extensions.” Find the Alura extension and click on it.

Tip: You can pin the extension to your toolbar by clicking on the pin.

Once you click on the extension it will open and provide data on the Etsy listings on your page.
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Ready to find a new winning product?

We'll show you high-demand, low-competition products in every category on Etsy. Find your new best seller when browsing.
Alura features

All-in-one platform for Etsy success

The simple all-in-one platform that unifies every aspect of the Etsy seller journey, from research to marketing.

Keyword finder

See what shoppers are searching for on Etsy and find the best keywords for your listing.

Alura extension

Etsy keyword and product research made simple. Find winning products to sell and optimize your listings with the right keywords.

Shop analyzer

Analyse any Etsy shop to get insights into key stats, best selling products, pricing strategy, shop policies and more.

Product seeker

Discover opportunities by searching for high-demand and low-competition product listings.

Listing helper

Make your listing rank higher with listing recommendations based on Etsy’s seller handbook.

Followup reminder

Get more reviews on Etsy and build better customer relationships with followup messages.

Email sender

Grow your Etsy shop with email marketing. Send regular or automated emails to drive sales.