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Improve your listings search rankings

Listing helper analyzes your product listings and looks at Etsy’s best practices to provide actionable recommendations for how to improve your search rankings.

Get your listing scores

Listing helper analyzes your title, photo, description, tags and key metrics to give your listings a quality score.
Listing score from 1 - 100
Based on Etsy’s seller handbook
Actionable checklist for how to improve
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Improve your listings

Follow the actionable checklist with recommendations based on Etsy’s seller handbook to improve your listing score and rankings.
Actionable listing recommendations
Tag, title, photo, and description analysis
Reanalyze your listing to see your new score

Increase rankings & sales

By following Etsy’s best pratices you can improve your listing’s ranking in Etsy search results, increase your visibility and sales.
Better search rankings
Increased visibility
More sales
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Listing Helper

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about using Listing Helper.
Why should I use Listing Helper?
If you're looking for a little help to get your Etsy listings optimized and improve your search rankings and sales, Listing Helper is just what you need. Based on Etsy's seller handbook, our listing optimization tool analyzes your product listings against Etsy's best practices and provides recommendations for how to improve them.

We take a look at your listing title, photos, description, tags, and key metrics to give you actionable insights into how you can make your listings more engaging and persuasive. With our easy-to-follow recommendations, you'll be able to take your Etsy business to the next level in no time!
What is Etsy listing optimization?
Etsy listing optimization refers to the process of tailoring your product listing so that you rank as high in the search results as possible. Your product rises or falls in the search results depending on the way you build the front and back end of your product listings. Your listing title, photos, description, tags all play a major role in where your product will rank in the search results.
What is the listing quality score?
Listing quality score is a metric that determines the quality of a listing.

The score is created by Alura, but based on Etsy’s seller handbook. It looks at important aspects of your listing, such as your title, photos, description tags and more to score your listings from 1 - 100.

For example, your listing tags is one of the factors that determine listing quality score. We look at the total number of tags you listing uses, and give your listing a good score if you are using all 13 tags. The more tags you've applied to your listing, the more searches you can appear in. If your listing doesn’t use all tags it receives a lower score and you get a recommendation to add more tags to your listing. Similarly we also look for duplicate tags and the quality of your tags to determine your score.
What are listing recommendations?
Listing recommendations are based on Etsy's seller handbook and determine your Alura listing score. If you have fewer recommendations you will get a higher score, hence you can improve your listing score by following your recommendations and updating your listing.

The recommendation section is divided into five categories: title, photos, description, tags, and other. At a glance, you can look at the icon (checkmark or exit icon) which indicates whether there is an improvement potential for a category.

If you click on a section a dropdown will appear with the specific recommendations. An example recommendation for the total number of photos included in your listing. If your listing has less than 6 photos we will automatically recommend that you include more photos.
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