How to Write Etsy Product Descriptions (Examples + Templates)

How to Write Etsy Product Descriptions

A product description plays a vital role in the eCommerce sphere, and Etsy is no different. That’s why we’ve made this thorough guide where you can discover how to write Etsy product descriptions.

Before we get into all the details, let’s first learn more about the product description and why it is so important.

What is Etsy Product Description

Etsy product descriptions serve to achieve two goals. Both of these are equally important.

Sellers use Etsy product descriptions to provide all the relevant details about their products. Many buyers find these useful, as they learn all about the product before ordering it.

However, helping the buyer pick the right merchandise is not the only role of the product description. Etsy uses tags for listing products to matching searches, while search engines outside of Etsy rely on keywords in descriptions when indexing them

Therefore, optimizing your description and your tags will help your Etsy product turn up on both Etsy and search engines’ results pages.

Why is a Good Etsy Product Description Important

As a seller, you will have a broad range of analytics about your sales performance. One of the most important ones is the conversion rate percentage. That’s the number of sales you make per hundred interested buyers.

For example, if a hundred people look at your product and five purchase it, your conversion rate is 5%.

Driving the conversion rate up is very important for your business performance. That’s where nailing a product description can significantly help.

How to Write Etsy Product Descriptions

If you want to make a listing that converts, you should follow a couple of things. We’ll go over all the crucial details to help you write a compelling product description.

1. Optimize Titles and Tags

You should start by optimizing your title and the tags for your listing. It’s a great starting point that’ll help you rank your listing better. Keep up with the following Etsy guidelines to optimize your title:

  • Title length of 70-120 characters.
  • Include the focus keyword in the title.
  • Avoid repeating words in your title.

When it comes to tags, you should pay attention they follow these rules:

  • The number of tags should be 13.
  • Don’t repeat tags.
  • Be specific and use multi-word phrases for higher quality tags.

Following these rules will help your listing rank better on the Etsy platform.

2. Be Truthful

Keep in mind that your product description should describe your product precisely. Any claim you make needs to be correct. Otherwise, your return rates are going to be high.

Therefore, avoid overselling your product by claiming something that’s not true. Stay to the point while meeting your customers’ expectations.

3. Address the Buyer Directly

Feel free to address the buyer from the first-person perspective. It’ll immediately resonate as a genuine message intended for the reader. The potential buyer will feel more at home with this approach.

Don’t forget to remain polite. While writing in the first person is more personal, the potential buyer is not your close friend, so you must stay respectful.

4. Keep the Description Concise

You’re writing a sales proposition, and the description should focus on the value of your product. Try adding details about what makes it unique.

Use bullet points for features and other properties. Keep paragraphs short. The point is for the seller to see all the key points of your product quickly.

5. Finish Off With a Link

The best part of your product description is that you can share an Etsy link with your potential customer. They may be interested in another product you offer, so finish off with a call to action and a link to your Etsy store.

6. Monitor, Analyze, and Adapt

Once you finish all your product descriptions, it’s time to start experimenting. A good idea is to establish several product description templates for various products. You can then periodically rotate them and follow the performance of your store listings.

Once you have the data, you can opt for the description that works best.

Make sure that your content is grammatically correct. Proofread all your descriptions and keep them error-free.

One of the critical rules to follow is answering the following 20 questions in your description. That way, you’ll know that your customer can read all the vital information about your product.

Examples of Good Product Descriptions

There’s no perfect recipe for an Etsy product description. However, we’ve prepared a couple of effective templates that you could try out.

1. Jewelry Template

Here’s an example of a jewelry product description. All the sections go in-depth, describing all the relevant details about the product. After the details section where all the key points are listed, the description continues with the following:

  • Material quality - The seller lists all the benefits of the product’s materials.
  • Product size - Details about the item’s size and a detailed overview of its shape.
  • Style - A section providing the potential buyer with ideas who might enjoy such an item as a gift.
  • Gift - Another section lists all the potential events that the product is perfect for as a gift.
  • Guarantee - The description finishes off with reassurance from the seller that the product enjoys a high reputation. Furthermore, if there are any issues, you can always reach out to the seller for a quick solution.

While the description is missing a call to action at the end, it still goes into plenty of detail about the product.

2. Clothing Template

If you’re planning to sell handmade clothing, here’s an example of a good description. You can first see a highlights section, where the seller shares pants’ materials and how they are hand made. Then, the description includes the following:

  • More details about the materials
  • Sizing details with measurements instructions
  • Design section explaining the style
  • A unique feature that makes the pants additionally durable.

The product description finishes off with the brand’s story. It describes the cultural influences that had an impact on the design and the company’s creativity. Additionally, it defines who the products are for and how advanced their manufacturing process is.

That’s a great approach, as the buyer learns more about the seller’s story.

3. Home Template

Here’s another interesting example for you. The highlight section explains the basic details of the product, but more details follow in the description.

  • It starts with the product’s name.
  • There’s a brief list of the product’s elementary features.
  • You can see ideas about the occasions where the product would be the perfect gift.
  • It continues to the assurance about the product’s packaging and quality.
  • In the end, there’s a 100% refund promise and an explanation of what you’ll get in the package.

The whole description’s written from the first-person perspective. It finishes with a call to action following a link to the rest of the store. That’s the perfect ending for an Etsy product description.

How Can Alura Help

If you want to learn more about your Etsy listing optimization, our Alura Listing Helper is the perfect way to do so. It analyzes several factors and provides feedback on which listing elements need more optimization. The tool examines the following:

  • Title - Get tips about title length, focus keyword, and repeating words.
  • Photos - In this section, you’ll get an analysis of the number and quality of images.
  • Description - Receive description length recommendations as well as whether there are tag mentions in the description.
  • Tags - The tool will check if the listing uses all the 13 tags, there are any duplicates, and whether the quality of tags is satisfactory.
  • Other - Are you using attributes? Do you offer free shipping? The answer should be yes to both of these, and our tool will examine it for you.

If you want to learn more about your Etsy listings and grow your sales, please reach out to us. You’ll find our product to be extremely effective.

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