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Good keywords can get your listing in front of the right customers, and our Etsy keyword research tool is here to help.

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Average monthly views for the top 25 listings ranking for this keyword.
Average monthly favorites for the top 25 listings ranking for this keyword.
The number of listings Etsy finds relevant for the keyword. The maximum amount is 50.100.
Average monthly sales for the top 25 listings ranking for this keyword.

In other words, the number of monthly sales you can expect if you have a listing ranking among the top 25 spots for this keyword.

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Average price for the top 25 listings ranking for this keyword.
main category
Most common category among the top 25 listings ranking for this keyword.
Result based on 100 listings analyzed on Etsy for the keyword
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Keyword difficulty tool

Find keywords you can easily rank for.

Etsy keyword research is all about finding keywords with low competition and high demand. Our data is accurate and comes directly from Etsy.
etsy keyword research tool
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keyword suggestions

Get new keyword ideas that work.

Need more keyword ideas? You’ll get numerous suggestions from our keyword tool. You’ll also see views, favorites, competition, and estimated sales for each keyword.

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Alura helps you find the right keywords for your Etsy listings. Set your listings up for success by finding the best keywords.

Why use Alura's keyword tool for Etsy keyword research?

Use our keyword finder tool to find the right keywords for your Etsy listings.

Our keyword research tool is made specifically for Etsy, and we offer relevant keyword suggestions based on Etsy’s data. Also, we have reporting tools to identify the level of competition and demand for keywords. See how many sales, views and how much competition listings on average have that rank for specific keywords.

In addition, we’ve integrated Google’s trend report to give you even more insight. See how a keyword is trending over time and get additional keyword suggestions.

Keyword Finder is completely free, all you need is an Alura account to get started.

How do I use the Etsy keyword research tool?

Using the our keyword finder tool is very easy:

Step 1) enter a word or phrase that best describes your niche in the search field and click on the search button.

Step 2) Keyword Finder will check with Etsy and generate a list of the most popular related Etsy tags and give you actionable information like the level of competition and demand for each keyword.

3) Use this information to select the right keywords and use them as tags and in the title of your Etsy listing. Selecting keywords with high demand and low competition is ideal.

Why is keyword research important for Etsy sellers?

If you use our Etsy keyword research tool, you will take most of the guessing out of what keywords Etsy buyers are actually searching for. These keywords are essential to generate sales as they describe your products and this is how Etsy is querying customer's searches.

For you as an Etsy seller, the right keywords is important as it will help more customers discover your Etsy shop. If you don't do proper keyword research for your shop and listings, you essentially are risking to be concealed beneath your competitors. In other words, your potential customers will not be able to find your promoted products and you will lose out on revenue.

Including successful keywords allows you to provide more beneficial descriptions and build compelling listings. Consequently, you will receive better SEO benefits for both Etsy and other search engines, such as Google.


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