How to Increase Sales on Etsy: 20 Pro Tips for 2021

How to Increase Sales on Etsy: 20 Pro Tips for 2021

Running an Etsy store requires a lot of creativity, dedication, and knowledge. We’re well aware of how challenging the whole process can be. That’s why we’ve made a detailed guide that’ll help you increase sales on Etsy.

Keep reading to find 20 pro tips that’ll help you grow your store in 2021.

1. Optimize Your Store

All your optimization efforts begin with your store. There are a couple of things to get right from the start of your Etsy journey.

  • Imagery 
  • Store name
  • Sticking with relevant products

Use imagery to tell a story to the visitor from the moment they open your store. Pick a profile photo that combines well with your store’s banner. Make it so the potential buyer can easily deduce what’s available.

The name of your store is essential. So ensure it’s relevant to your store’s products while catchy and easy to remember.

Remember to only list items that follow your store’s theme. If you’re thinking of branching out, you can always open a second Etsy store.

2. Write Informative Descriptions with Keywords Included

Your listing’s description is essential.

It serves to describe all the relevant details about your product. That include your product quality, materials, size, and all other helpful information for the customer.

Additionally, the description is perfect for placing relevant keywords. The best part is these keywords rank your listings on search engines outside of Etsy. Therefore, use them wisely.

If you want to learn more about writing great descriptions, you can look at our guide. (link to How to Write Etsy Product Descriptions)

3. Choose Relevant Keywords

Using the right keywords is essential for getting your listings to the top of the search queries. Before you start listing your products, take a little time to figure out which keywords to use.

Here are some basic ways to conduct keyword research.

  • Etsy search bar suggestions - If you click on the Etsy search bar and start typing keywords you’d like to rank for, you’ll get several suggestions. Add these to your list of keywords you can use when tagging your listing.
  • Search engines’ search bar suggestions - Your Etsy listings also rank outside of Etsy. That’s why you need to repeat the same research process using major search engines. Add these keywords to your product descriptions.

Getting the right keywords will help the ranking of your listings. You can use a tool such as Alura Keyword Finder to find the best suggestions. 

4. Shoot Outstanding Product Images

Using the right photos will result in higher conversion rates. Therefore, it’s essential to dedicate some time to shoot fantastic product photos.

Are you worried that you need a professional camera? While shooting with a DSLR is a great option, you can also use a smartphone for your product photography needs.

Use all the image placeholders. More images give your buyers better confidence when buying your product.

5. Rely on Etsy Ads

Implementing Etsy Ads is an excellent way of getting your listings out to more potential customers.

Determine a bid range that works for you. Evaluate all your expenses accordingly. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re paying more for ads than you’re making in sales. 

6. Grow Your Email List

From the moment you start running your store, figure out a way to grow your email list.

Keep in mind, though, contacting buyers outside of the regular communication scope is a big no-no according to Etsy’s policies. However, if a person agrees to become a part of your email list, you’re free to reach out to them.

Having an email list comes with manifold benefits. While it’ll take some time to build one, your store will thrive because of it in the future.

7. Get More Reviews

Online buyers place a lot of trust in product reviews. That’s why we suggest you figure out a way to ask for a review from your buyers. 

We have a guide on how you should do it. (link to how to get more reviews on the Alura blog)

Having more reviews will positively impact your store’s conversion rates.

8. Use Various Apps to Your Advantage

When you first open your store, it will take a moderate amount of time to manage. However, as it begins to grow, it will require more of your time, and you’ll need assistance to keep everything in check.

You don’t have to plan to hire someone immediately, but you should consider implementing some apps to simplify the whole process. Consider using:

  • Sell on Etsy
  • Vela
  • Alura
  • Taxjar
  • and more

Each of these apps will simplify and automate parts of running your Etsy store. Giving you more time focusing on other essential things. If you want to learn more about these apps, take a look at our guide. (link to Top 10 Etsy Seller Apps to Help you Grow and Manage your Store)

9. Learn From Your Analytics

Etsy offers analytics for a good reason. They help you better run your Etsy store. Use those tools to monitor how your listings are performing.

Learn from the numbers, optimize your listings better and follow their progress. Over time, you’ll find analytics to be extremely useful. Use them to your advantage to drive more sales.

10. Utilize Social Media

Social media networks are your friend. Etsy is a very visual platform. Therefore, it’s good to establish a social media presence on platforms that predominantly use photos.

For example, you can use Instagram and Pinterest to promote your Etsy shop. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions. You can use other social media networks as well.

Explore all the benefits a particular platform can offer and capitalize upon those features. For example, becoming a pin master on Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic to your store.

11. Offer Free Shipping

Consider offering free shipping for your products. People love listings with free shipping, and Etsy will rank those listings better to give their visitors the best purchasing options.

However, ensure you have a complete understanding of your shipping costs. Offering free shipping will mean altering the price of your item. Shipping is never actually free, so you need to make sure that you profit regardless of a buyer’s location. 

12. Include Coupon Codes

Offering coupon codes is an effective way of growing your store. You can use social media networks to organize coupon giveaways for all those participating in nomination campaigns.

Over time, you’ll not only grow your store but also improve conversion rates.

13. Prioritize Customer Service

Your customer service needs to be outstanding. Making sure that your buyer’s purchasing journey is flawless goes a long way.

Happy customers will return to buy more from you in the future. The happier the customer, the higher the chance you’ll get a review. 

Furthermore, with exceptional customer service, it’s less likely that you’ll face returns.

14. Ensure Deliveries are Fast and Reliable

It’s no wonder Amazon Prime skyrocketed in recent years. People like having the option of getting their products quickly.

You need to offer the fastest shipping you can. One day difference can have a significant impact on peoples intent to purchase.

Partner up with the best delivery partners and watch your store’s popularity grow.

15. Simplify Your Shop Policy

Avoid writing big blocks of texts in the shop’s policy. Be concise and only feature relevant information. That way, your visitors can quickly understand the essentials of how you run your shop.

16. Support Multiple Payment Methods

Provide numerous payments methods for your customers. That will broaden the range of potential buyers who can purchase from your Etsy store.

It’s best to rely on Etsy Payments, as it delivers a wide range of payment methods. Some of them include:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Etsy Gift Cards and Etsy Credits
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal

17. Offer Returns

Building trust with your customers is crucial for steady growth. Offering returns is one of the many ways of achieving it.

Therefore, add returns to your products. You can go the extra mile and offer returns with no shipping fees for your customer. If you take this approach, you must be mindful of the cost to you and the impact on your profits. 

18. Implement a Social Cause

Supporting a social cause or charity can be highly beneficial. It is not only a great thing to do, but it can motivate your visitors to buy from you. 

By pledging an amount of your revenue to a worthwhile ideal, it will persuade those who resonate with your cause join you. And in doing so, buy more products from you. 

19. Give Offsite Ads a Go

Etsy Offsite Ads are a great way to bring in more sales to your store. If your annual revenue is under $10,000, Offsite Ads are optional and cost 15% per sale.

We suggest that you try them out, as they can help you make more sales and grow your store.

Once you cross the revenue mark of $10,000, these ads become obligatory with a lower fee of 12%.

Etsy advertises your listings on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bing, Etsy Publishing, Partner Sites and Google Display Network. 

20. Link to Your Store in the Product Description

Finish all your descriptions with a clear call to action. For example, call the visitor to take a look at your store. Simply leave a link to your store in the description.

Consider all your listings as small ads that bring more people to your store. Including a link to your store in each of them will get you more Etsy shop visits.

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