How to Create Coupon Codes On Etsy As a Seller

How to Create Coupon Codes On Etsy As a Seller

Are you exploring different Etsy marketing strategies? Then you’re certainly considering Etsy coupon codes. Read on to find out how to create coupon codes on Etsy as a seller, plus a few tips on where to share them.

Let’s see why this is a good choice and how you can do it quickly.

Why Creating Coupon Codes Is a Good Idea?

Deploying various marketing strategies is a critical approach in the trading world. Besides advertising products to new people, it’s always possible to stimulate returning and new customers to purchase from you more creatively.

Coupon codes are an effective strategy for increasing sales in eCommerce. Etsy’s creators are well aware of that, and that’s why creating coupon codes is one of the platform’s features. Here’s how you can create a coupon code on Etsy as a seller.

How to Create Coupon Codes on Etsy As a Seller?

One of the reasons why Etsy is so popular is the platform’s user-friendliness. You can create your first coupon code in a matter of minutes. It only takes a couple of quick steps. Here they are:

1. Log in to Etsy and click on the Shop Manager icon.

2. Now click Marketing and then click Sales and coupons.

3. You’ll then see New special offer. Click on it.

4. Three options will appear, Run a sale, Send offers to interested shoppers, and Create a coupon. Click on the last option to proceed.

5. Fill out the rest of the details about your coupon code discount.

That’s it. After you fill out all the details about the coupon code sale, you’re ready to share it. 

Before you start promoting your coupon codes, create a set of terms of conditions related to the coupon code. You likely have a worldwide following across your social media accounts. 

What if the coupons are valid for a specific country only?

Include all the details so your buyers know whether they can apply the coupon code on checkout.

Don’t forget to check your profit margins after the discount. Use Alura’s Etsy Fee Calculator to check it quickly.

Let’s explore the best advertising channels for your coupon code promotion.

Where Can You Distribute Etsy Coupon Codes?

Creating coupon codes on Etsy will not be so effective without the appropriate following on social media. That’s where all those likes and followers come into play. Your goal is to reach out to your community and notify them to apply a coupon code to get a discount.

The following are a couple of marketing channels you can rely on to share your Etsy coupon codes:

  • Pinterest - Put your Pinterest presence first. Perfect your pinning skills to ensure stable growth for your Etsy store. You can use it to share your coupon codes. The good news is plenty of new buyers will see the coupon code.
  • Instagram - Instagram is a great place to create a community of loyal followers. Sharing your code will motivate your followers to purchase something they’ve been eyeing in your Etsy store.
  • Facebook - Much like Instagram, Facebook is a great way to notify your followers about the coupon code you’re currently running.
  • TikTok - TikTok is all about telling an exciting story. Fill your account with interesting behind-the-scenes content to gain some following. Once you have a coupon ready, share it with your followers.
  • Email list - If you’ve been growing that email list over the years, it’s now time to use it to tell your subscribers about the coupon code you’re offering.
  • PPC Campaign - While creating a coupon code is a great way to thank your community by offering a discount. You can still use it for advertising on social media. You can always run a PPC campaign on Instagram and Facebook. Try it out, see what happens.

These are some ideas on how to promote your coupon code. If you find another way, try it out. You never know what’ll work best.

Finishing Thoughts

Before you start any kind of promotion, make sure that all your listings are top-notch. Use Alura to optimize quickly optimize them. The Etsy tool comes with just the right features to achieve that.

Let us know if you want to learn more. We’ll gladly help you out.

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