How Up2ournecksinFABric got started

Introduce your Etsy shop and tell us your story. How did you begin and decide on what to sell on Etsy, and how do you create your products?

Nicole and I started making blanket scarves and posted them on social media. When we realized friends wanted to buy them, we decided to start a little side business.

We have now moved on to customized clothing and accessories. We employ over 20 people and have an 8000 sq foot warehouse to customize all the products.

Favorite items

What are your favorite items? What makes these so special? Why do you think these items might be selling well?

Our customized elephant is one of our favorite products.  It’s the perfect baby shower gift or new baby keepsake. This is one of our best sellers.

We also love our teacher totes. Such an affordable gift idea!

Wedding season is also very busy for us. This personalized bridal gift is one of the most bought items.

Getting sales on Etsy

How long did it take for you to earn your first sale and how do you currently attract customers to your Etsy shop?  

It took about a week to get our first sale. Our biggest thing that I believe helped us grow is our customer service. We go above and beyond to make our customers happy.

Managing Up2ournecksinFABric

How do you manage your shop? Are you running solo or do you have any team members? What tools or services do you use to run your shop and how do you handle fulfillment?

We all work together to manage the shop. My son (who is Nicole’s fiancé), and husband also own and help run the business.

All our items are created and handmade by our team. We also handle all of the packaging and shipping in house. We don’t oursource.

The future of Up2ournecksinFABric

What goals do you have for your shop in the future?

We want to continue to grow and offer new items. We all love what we do and it’s wonderful to work with our family.

Advice for new sellers

What’s your advice for a new seller starting an Etsy shop?

Never give up and have faith in yourself.. Treat your customers how you’d want to be treated.

Some sellers really get inspired by hearing numbers. Feel free to share these if you like. 


How much is your monthly revenue?


Between $280,000- $300,00 a month


What is your shop’s conversion rate?