How to make money freelancing on Alura Market

How to Make Money Freelancing on Alura Market

Freelancing is becoming increasingly popular. Even though the complete journey is full of challenges, there are ways to make it. First, there are multiple platforms that you can use. Second, there are millions of hiring managers and small business owners who need help with different tasks.

In this guide, we’ll talk about making money on Alura Market, a freelance platform designed explicitly for Etsy freelancers.

You’ll find out all the listing optimization tips to consider and what to do to ensure long-term success on the platform.

Before we start, let’s briefly talk about Alura Market.

What is Alura Market?

Alura Market is the go-to place for sellers who need help running their Etsy shops. On the other hand, freelancers who are vetted Etsy professionals will find the platform very rewarding. 

If you’re someone who has experience with Etsy, and you can offer various services to various sellers, you’ll find making money on Alura Market natural.

The platform serves to connect Etsy sellers and freelancers. On top of that, we take additional steps so the platform features only the best freelancers who specialize in offering Etsy-specific services. That way, sellers know that they’re hiring the best the market has to offer.

To make sure you’re on the right path as a freelancer, you’ll have to pick the right service to offer.

It All Begins with Offering the Right Service

Performing market research is necessary before you start posting your Alura Market listings. The first step would be to take a look at the platform and see what the other freelancers are offering. Doing this will help you determine which services are in high demand.

Additionally, you could head over to the Etsy Community and explore what are some of the most common issues sellers struggle with. You could start offering services around those issues.

The bottom line to keep in mind is that you need to offer services that’ll actually provide some value to the seller. That’s a great starting point that’ll ensure that people will at least find your listings on the platform.

Then it’s time to take care of the next step: listing optimization.

Optimize Your Alura Listing 

Alura Market works similarly to Fiverr’s gigs. As a freelancer, you create listings of the services you offer. That’s where the whole journey of making money on Alura Market begins.

It’s crucial to pay attention to specific details if you want to get clients. With the right approach, you’ll be able to create listings that Etsy sellers will find appealing.

Here are a couple of steps that’ll help you better optimize your Alura Market listing.

Listing Title

Take some time to write a fantastic listing title that communicates what your service is. Keep it short and straightforward, as it serves to lure in the platform’s visitors.

After reading your listing title, an Etsy seller must understand what you’re offering to them.


Besides the listing title, the images you decide to use will play an essential part in achieving higher conversion rates.

Leaving a great first impression is essential. That’s where professional photos can help. Besides including a picture of yourself, it’s an excellent opportunity to showcase your portfolio. 

If your specialty is product photography or design, handpick the images that show your best work.


Correctly pricing your service will also affect your listing’s performance. The goal is to hit the sweet spot where Etsy sellers will get the most value. Generally speaking, your pricing will depend on the competitors’ pricing and your experience level.

If you’re someone who’s delivered outstanding results in the past, you should price your services high. The chances are that your product will significantly affect Etsy seller’s shop performance. That’s not something that every freelancer can achieve, and it comes at a price.

On the other hand, you have to keep prices within the competitors’ range. If you go too high, the chance of getting a bigger number of clients is much lower.

Service Description

Allocate some time for description optimization. It’s the section of your listing that needs to cover all the details of your service description.

An Etsy seller will more easily decide whether he needs your services. Most importantly, you’ll get fewer communication challenges, as your client will already know what you’re offering to them.

Your Requirements

Before you start working together, the client needs to know all of your requirements. To keep everything simple, create a list of conditions such as project details that they’ll have to forward to you.

That way, you can have a clear project scope and see what you need to deliver. It’ll simplify the communication between you and the client. Plus, you can immediately start working as you know all the project details.

Delivery Time

One of the best ways to remain competitive is to offer short delivery dates. However, it’s essential to stay punctual and always deliver within your deadline.

If you promise that you’ll get something done within three days but you get it finished in five, you’ll likely receive a negative review. That would lower the chances of you getting a new client in the future.

Therefore, when establishing your delivery time, consider multiple factors before you set one.

Include FAQs

As you get more clients over time, you’ll notice that most of them are going to ask you the same questions. Keep track of those and answer them on your listing to keep the communication smooth.


Last but not least, remember to share your business’s location. This piece of information is vital for sellers who need product photography services. A seller from the US will likely search for someone who’s in the US.

Make a Persuasive Bio

Your user bio is the place where you share things about yourself. Use it wisely, as you can use it to communicate your qualifications. When it comes to optimizing your bio, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Bio description
  • Profile picture
  • Qualifications
  • Language

Let’s explore a couple of ideas on how you could optimize your bio.

Bio Description

Bio description is where you introduce yourself. Use it to share your:

  • Background - Your name and where you’re based.
  • Experience - What is your Etsy experience?
  • What can you do for the client - List all the services that you can deliver.

Use the short format to provide the essential details about your professional expertise.

Profile Picture

Using the right profile picture is essential. There are numerous things to consider. The most important ones are:

  • High-quality professional photo
  • Put a friendly smile on your face
  • Do it in professional surroundings

The goal of the profile photo is to introduce you to your client and create trust.


Whether we’re talking about formal education or certification you hold, you must list it.

It’s another way of showing your expertise and proving that you’re qualified to do the job.


Sharing your language will let the client know in which language he can address you. List all the languages you speak fluently.

Overdeliver to Get Outstanding Reviews

Optimizing to rank well and making your listing is one thing, but delivering quality work is another. That’s an equally important part of the whole freelancing journey. Your product needs to deliver on your promise.

That’ll lead to happy clients who leave positive reviews. With many positive reviews and plenty of testimonials, you can expect to get more clients in the future with much greater ease.

Always strive to over deliver and to make necessary changes quickly. Remain polite throughout your communication with the client, and positive reviews are guaranteed.

Finishing Thoughts

Making money freelancing comes with numerous challenges, especially in the beginning. However, with the abovementioned suggestions, you’ll be able to find clients who’ll enjoy purchasing your services.

Head over to the Alura Market and apply to become a freelancer.

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