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First impressions can make or break a business, and a positive experience can create long-lasting business relationships. Therefore, we've created a free professional Etsy shop branding kits, so that you can make the best possible first impression to your customers. The kit is instantly downloadable and personalizable. You can insert your shop name and add your text or logo.

Alura - Rosy Edition: Rosy is used to describing something healthy and pink, like a child's rosy cheeks or a rosy lipstick. A flushed face is rosy — it's the glowing pink color of natural blush, and it implies good health.

To edit you can use Figma. Figma is a free and easy to use tool for designers. We will add a tutorial that will teach you everything you will need to know.

Etsy Shop Kit

100% customizable Etsy Shop Kit to easily help you create a professional logo, banner and social posts.

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